things spoken as if we are sitting down by a campfire with an open spot allways open for you and your friends



"Fiskar kan inte kramas"

"When you are up to your neck in shit, keep your head up high"

"rm en kväll i September"

How-to make a propper fireplace

I'm by no means any expert in the field of setting upp campfires. So read this article with a bit of precaution since I've not yet consulted with and expert or likewise and there might be some facts that is'nt fully true, so be cautios please. In the future I'll fact-check eveything with references. Though, in my life I've had the joy of actaully getting fires started even when the condtions where not allways the best.
I really enjoy working with methods and materials that is a bit of a primitive sort, compared to all the techstuff I'm sourunded by all the time..
I think it is very good for people to work in this way once in a while. Even the "to the eye"-simplelets of stuff to practise in the nature, might very often not be that simple. To me this is a signal that there is greater depth to be understood about nature, and that it is serious matter for us humans to not loose our connection to nature. It's also very rewarding to reflect of what methods humans thousands of years ago needed to use to actually survive, and then compare to what we have got now in our societiy.

It should not be hard to set up a campfire, and I believe that with just a little extra effort safe and easy to use fireplaces should be commonplace. Therefore I've decided to dedicate this section to the skills and knowledege required when one is to set up at campfire.

3-step firerecepie
Fire needs 3 components to spark.

Weather / Temperature
It should come to no surprise it's easier to start a fire in dry conditions with calm winds compared to rain or snow. This should not stop you though, it is possible to make fires in harsh conditions.
Since we have our 3-step firerecepie we should use it to analyse our situation.

Example, 2 fireplaces, wind and sun and mountainwall

Look for dry materials! In a wet enviroment your best shot is to find fallen of branches not touching the ground, or is still stuck to a tree. The reason for this is that branches lying on the ground attracts water and become moist. Branches still hanging of a tree might aswell be moist inside, since the trees job is to pump water out to it's branches at all time. If you can find some materials that might been exposed to winds, you might be in luck. Wood dries up alot quicker if only a little wind is applied towards it.

So what more to do if you are in a wet environmet? Your first focus is to get a spark going with any material that is as dry as possible. Don't forget that this might be the most tedious step, and because of that, take breaks and monitor your hunger. It's very important not to get angry or run out of energy. Take the breaks to reflect on what is working and what is not. If you are more than one person, split up the work. When the other one is trying to get a spark, the next one can go look for materials or cover and protect the spark from rain and wind with a jacket. Take turns.
When you eventually get the spark going your next focus should be to plan extending the fire. If you have only found wet pices of wood, try to break them into smaller and leave them for a while on the rocks beside the spark. Hopefully they will dry upp somewhat with this techniqe.
When everything is under controll, remember that rain might catch up whenever, so you will have to be active and constantly search for more materials to burn until you have a good stock.

When you are in harsh conditions, your body will allways use more energy than normal, even if you might think you have not done so much physical work, your inside body will have. It's slowly going to survior-mode and uses alot of tricks whitin your body to keep the energy fuled up. This is why it is very important to keep your self as dry and warm as possible to lessen the burden from you inner-body. Yes, food is very imporant, but I would argue that a human has much easier to anlyze there hunger and not so much about energy-level or body-reserve-fuel. The result of inner-body-fuel-end can show in many ways, classic are, easy to get angry, tired/confused and irrational descionmaking. These are breaking-actions that might end your trip much quicker than expected and aswell maybe even very cloose to resque..

Example of some materials:

Pine Birch "näver" Unknown dry wood Driftwood
wood pine dry 0 wood birch naver 0 wood unknown dry 0 wood driftwood 0
Probably good wood to use. The outer layer of birch, very good for sparking. It also has some extra usecases since it is very good to stop fluids. You can build baskets and pack roofs. Maybe a bit to dry? Driftwood might seem like a perfect source but is actaully not, even if they are dry. As you cannot tell for how long the logs and branches has been in the water or for how long they have traveled. Unfortunuatley there is a high risk that the wood has attracted chemicals and platics from the sea. This can be very dangerous when you set them to fire, as the cemicals then become poisinous smoke that could end up in your lungs. The picture only shows what appears to be a bunch of branches branches, but if you find a pice of wood which looks like it could have been a part of a buildning or such, there is also here a high risk that wood was sometime coated with some chemical-protecting. So when it somes to driftwood, the simple rule is to use it as buildning material instead.