This website contains some stuff that we, as maybe like you, finds cool and useful.


15 September - 2020

Autumn is now stepping in on the doorstep and it's a lovey time of the year that I personally very much enjoy. The hetic and warm summer is over, people tend to calm down, and we need that!

I've beginning to update the tab 'campfire' to include a good documentation/how-to if anyone is interested in building a propper campfire out in the nature. There is no more content than a homage to campfires in general yet. My goal is to have something readable by the end of this week. origin of this idéa came to my mind today when I was bicykling through one of the nearby parks around here. On a open filed in the forest I found a small campfire. It was very basic and therefore I decided to give it a facelift and awsell order the stones better to prevent leapfire or too heavy incomming winds.
Fireplace Restaoration Hisingen
It might be hard to see exactly what I've changed but the amount of stone are almost doubbled and the order is follows a more smooth line now. I tried aswell to make some flat surfaces and they came out pretty well. Though there is allways a good idea to doublecheck their stabillity before setting stuff on fire!

In other news, I've been working on a 'documentation system'. At the moment it is an experiment containing diffrent ways of writing and reading documentation, and some deepdiving into some cool postgres. The main goal is to get people who don't want to write documentation (even if their jobassignment should forccefully imply it, and/or they don't rely on common sense..) to write. There is also ballons!
As it is very early in prgress, I've nothing to show at this time, but stay tuned.

There is also something wrong with the dotfiles-tab. I tried creating an a json and contain all info there, since I've don't have any database connected to this website. But somehow I can't get how to print the data with an php-foreach. I've not looked into it much yet and if there is someone who know how to parse json with php, please contact if you would like to help out!


18 July - 2020

Summer is here and the town is more quit than ever. Still can't beat open landscapes though. A bit is happening and I've learn some bash-skills and resurected my skills in python so there is some new stuff to check out on 'useful stuff'.